SANIT-RGB ™ system 

It is now well known, from various tests, that airborne particles containing viruses remain inside a closed environment for a very long time.
Covid -19 is part of the mutant Coronavirus family of SARS, very contagious and highly mutant as it is well known today.

In the event of an environment contaminated by COVI-19, our SANIT-RGB system is able to guarantee a specific treatment through the combination of RGB machinery and the products in our possession (Disinfectant + SANIT-ACT) to disinfect the AIR and SURFACES .


Thanks to the procedures adopted, the machinery used, the technology used and the Traceability safety system implemented for the execution of the services, the execution of the treatment is guaranteed by the highest quality standards.


Our system allows to carry out an aerobic and surface prevention avoiding the known consequences of environmental resistances, characterizing the use of the machinery in a frequent and constant way, made possible by the toxicity of the disinfectant, by the reduction of the application times of the activator combined with the ease of use of the SANIT-RGB ™ dry dispensing device (100m3 treatment in a few minutes).

Furthermore, the SANIT-RGB system turns out to be very economical for the customer.


The compound dispensed based on disinfectant (Rely + On Virkon ™ Medical Surgical Presidium, approved by the Italian Ministry of Health and registered and approved by the American EPA )


Registered at:

NON-TOXIC and BIODEGRADABLE , safe for MAN and ANIMALS , it spreads evenly over every square centimeter of free surface present in the environment and for every volume of air without generating humidity, corrosion and residues .

SANIT-RGB ™ carries out the treatment of the aeraulic ducts and of the air handling units, in order to guarantee a complete disinfection service, the software supplied for the machine control automatically calculates the times in the rooms with ducted air (Offices-Hospitals-etc. .).

The Rely + On Virkon ™ Disinfectant combined with the SANIT-ACT ™ activator create an innovative and convenient non-toxic product with 100% biodegradability guarantee with VIRUCIDE, BACTERICIDE, SPORICIDE, FUNGICIDE and MICOBACTERIAL properties.

The effectiveness of the disinfectant is demonstrated with more than 200 laboratory tests on the active ingredient showing mycobactericidal, sporicidal, bactericidal (EN 1276 EN 13697 fungicide (EN 1650 EN 13697 and virucidal (EN 14476 activity as well as the most recent bactericidal efficacy)) test according to EN 13727 fungicide according to EN 13624 and EN 1275 and sporicide according to EN 13704)

SANIT-RGB ™ is able to eliminate 99.99% of pathogens with a reduction of 7Log 

No installation and very low maintenance and fully automatic and programmable system of treatment cycles, in order to immediately enjoy all the benefits of safe and sanitized environments.

The treatments performed with our system: SANIT-RGB ™ + machine (Rely + On Virkon ™ + SANIT-ACT ™)  , guarantee the sanitization of the environment, the traceability of the products by scanning the unique barcodes and the printed receipt. for each treatment performed . The owner is therefore relieved of any responsibility in the event of a dispute by showing the receipt of successful sanitation.

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