Established in 2012, Cangrande 903 is an international consulting and trading company.


    We provide services in various fields, such as Business Consultancies, Financial, Precious and Historic Bonds, in the Oil and Derivatives sector and few other commodities. We advise buyers and sellers to better build their network or helping them to create new worldwide business contacts.


US paper gold suppression allowing Russia & China to buy real gold at discount prices

Efforts by the US to suppress gold prices in order to prop up the dollar are allowing Russia and China to build up huge reserves of physical gold by purchasing large quantities of the precious metal at significantly lower prices.

First All-Blockchain Commodity Trade Completed Between China And Singapore

A subsidiary of Sinochem Corporation, one of China’s four major state-owned oil companies, has completed a shipment of gasoline from China to Singapore entirely using Blockchain technology, Reuters reports April 2.

China's Oil Futures Launch With A Bang

China’s yuan-denominated crude oil futures launched today in Shanghai with 15.4 million barrels of crude for delivery in September changing hands over two and a half hours—the length of the first-day trading session for the contract.

Vineyards and wineries in Italy

Vineyards and wineries in Italy, within one hour drive of many major metropolitan areas.



    Cangrande 903’s Team is involved in these fields since 2012. Our professionals began separately, both on Business Consultancies & Financial fields, Oil trading and Agricultural commodities and then got actively involved in our challenging unique Company.
    To them, another reliable number of professionals is always ready to join us as per each spotted and very particular necessity.
    Matching, world trade supplies and services seems simple enough. But efficiently connecting producers and consumers in a global market has become increasingly complex. We have the resources to get the job done.
    And get it done well.


    • Our job is about building and enhancing honest and sustainable relationships. In line with this, our credibility is our obsession; our word is our bond. We take loyalty very seriously and will protect the interests of our clients at all times. We never reveal confidential or sensible information to any third parties at any level.

    • Our clients are a part of our extended family. Therefore, we are always looking for ways to assist you in expanding your business in the global market.

    • And… if you wish a colleague in transactions, not impressed and binded by the arrogance of numbers,

    • And… if you think that business has to be fair amongst parties involved, reliability and security in partners,

    • And… if you believe in creating and developing deals together,

    • And… if you seek a partner that put in very first his customer attention to details,

    • And… if you believe that opacity and greedy partners kills all the deals…

    • Well, then we are starting on the same line, on the same of working ethics and we really understand each other.


    As a result of Cangrande 903 strong performance in serving its customers, today mandates are obtained from various clients in Europe, Americas, Middle East & Asia to supply considerable amounts of their demands.

    In order to meet these demands Cangrande 903 has diversified its presence in different areas to have its operations closer to its strategic partners and markets. With the head office located in Chile, Cangrande 903 now has representatives in Italy and Egypt.



    Cangrande 903 offers a wide range of support to Italian companies already – or not – on the field in Chile and other Latin America countries;

    Administrative, commercial & legal tasks for corporate start-up openings in Chile and off-shore, are few examples of already performed tasks, as well as taking charge of Country’s Legal Representative functions and market researches;

    in HR, Cangrande 903 helps partner firms in current employee’s analysis of proficiencies, outsourcing and external associates, or new recruitments; Set up and supervision of sales networks, revision of sales contracts and financial flows control.

    Cangrande 903 also performs tasks in Real estate & investment opportunities in different fields.


    As an example of current and past consultancies successfully completed in various professional fields, from our professional staff, we could list:

    • Construction materials and oil & gas mounting & assembly.
    • ORC turbo generators, industrial boilers, drones’ services & tires recycling.
    • Enology, services for wineries and beer industry.
    • Swimming pools, football young players schools.

    Cangrande 903 performs these and other tasks.

    And get them done well.



    Cangrande 903 is helping you to create, manage and protect your wealth. Our advisors work closely with you to thoughtfully analyze your current circumstances, implementing strategies which enable you to achieve your desired financial outcomes.


    At Cangrande 903, you get quality advice that counts!
    Our primary objective is to deliver consistent and steady returns on investment driven by a sense of purpose and principle. We have built upon our outreach through a strong network of trusted advisors.

    We engage primarily by way of the following but not limited to:

    • Private Placement Programs

    • Monetization & Trading

    • Bank Guarantees, MTN’s (FC, SS and seasoned) & Leased Instruments

    • Other specific financial instruments

    • Currency Exchange

    • AU Bullion, Silver and other precious


    Moreover, our associate and partners have proven expertise and contacts in the field of Historical Bonds and Assets. Our attempt is to clear a foggy and mysterious picture that surrounds a potentially very lucrative market.
    We also want to remember that a final and proper Due Diligence must be performed at Buyer and Seller responsibility. Cangrande 903 does not advise on suitability of any transaction.

    At Cangrande 903, we built value!



    Our presence in the Agricultural market covers basically only Sugar Cane. Cangrande 903 does not have the pretension to be a “we-do-all” like Company.

    Our direct partnerships, allow us to provide Sugar Cane (Icumsa 45, 100/150 and 800-1200) directly from a large private refinery in Brazil.


    ICUMSA 45 – White Refined Sugar. Also called “London White”

    ICUMSA 150 (this includes ICUMSA 100 to ICUMSA 150). Also called Crystal Sugar

    VHP or ICUMSA 600 – 1500 This is also called “Raw Sugar

    We provide a direct contact with Brazilian Refinery but, please, only if Client has already performed in this market.

    We do not accept long chains here as we want to preserve everybody’s time here…